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We utilizes its top-quality technology to deliver turnkey convention housing and registration services, plan engaging meetings, deliver exciting incentive travel programs and manage corporate travel. Our dynamic online solutions, backed by our world-class personal service, make planning or traveling to your next event easy.

Persona™, our cutting-edge analytics and personalized marketing offering, helps your organization influence buying across your membership through key intelligence extracted from your organization’s data. Persona™’s offerings are broken into three distinct solution sets: Persona™ BI, Persona™ Insight, and Persona™ Lift.

  • Persona™ BI gives you a historical view of your organization through the lens of your data.
  • Persona™ Insight helps you get a forward-looking view across your organization to identify constituents who will be part of your future success.
  • Persona™ Lift helps you engage your target populations through a strategic marketing plan tailored to your organization’s goals built upon the outcomes learned from either Persona™ BI or Persona™ Insight.

Reliable. Robust. Dynamic. ONEsystem+ is the single-source engine and repository that powers our Convention Housing and Registration and Meeting Services. Built on a foundation of enterprise-grade software technologies and wired with more than a decade of the travel industry’s most relevant business rules, ONEsystem+ sets us apart from our competition.

Key Features:

  • Online individual and group registration and housing bookings
  • Online on-site exhibitor registration management
  • Badge design and printing from any location
  • Decision-based reporting tools
  • Web services (interfaces with third-party systems)
  • PCI-compliant
  • Attendee marketing tools

Check out more convention housing and registration technologies and learn more about our services that are powered by ONEsystem+:

  • Convention Registration and Housing
  • Meetings and Incentive Programs


By combining the functionality of our online booking tool, Deem@Work, with our personal service, you are in charge of your organization’s travel program. With our technology, you have the convenience to book airline tickets, hotels, rentals cars and restaurant reservations from a single source to save time and control costs. Deem@Work gives you the flexibility to book and manage all of your travel needs down to each employee’s personal preferences.

Key Features:

  • Produce your own travel policies to manage spending
  • Create, manage and update traveler profiles
  • View itineraries
  • Book air, hotel, car and restaurant reservations

We can help you manage spending and reimburse employees using one of the most acclaimed expense managers, ExpenseWire. With this easy-to-use online solution, we give you the power to set, monitor and track your expense policies.

Key Features:

  • Automates the expense reimbursement process
  • Populates expenses from receipts, credit cards and travel booking tools
  • Verifies expenditures against corporate expense policies and identifies violations automatically
  • Provides visibility into spending trends through robust reporting
  • Manages expense policies

Housing Technologies

Reservation Callback

The reservation call back option can increase your housing penetration by turning our Call Center agents into salespeople for your official housing block. Once a delegate registers, the system identifies whether the delegate has a confirmed hotel reservation. If the delegate has not reserved a hotel, we implement our outbound marketing call campaign. Our Call Center agents call these delegates to encourage them to book in the block.

We transfer rooming lists and credit card information to the hotels through a secure process in accordance with PCI standards. Because of the increased security, your delegates can rest easy and find comfort in the safety of their personal information.

Instant Allocation

Instant Allocation allows specific groups (i.e., exhibitors or VIPs) to define their housing block in real time. The application incorporates the business rules that you apply to the group, making it very easy for these groups to create unique sub-blocks of rooms. This gives the group immediate access to manage their sub-block.

Multiple Reservations

Multiple Reservations allow either individuals or specific types of groups to book multiple rooms in a single hotel without having to build sub-blocks -but you still maintain control by limiting the number of rooms that one person can book at one time.

Integrated Audit Application

Get credit for all hotel rooms – even if attendees booked outside of the block. The Integrated Audit Application makes it easy for on-site housing auditors to enter the post-show audit numbers into ONEsystem+.

Year-Over-Year Audit Analysis

Analysis is key to making improvements. Therefore, we provide audit numbers from year-to-year so that you can make decisions based on real numbers

Registration Technologies


With Radio-frequency identification (RFID), you can easily monitor attendee activity while they are at your event. We can embed this solution inside a badge or holder and then electronically store the information. With this technology, you can monitor the number of attendees on the show floor at once by monitoring the doors in and out, monitor the flow of attendee traffic on the show floor, monitor the number of attendees in a particular meeting room, banquet, reception and concert, rack who was in a meeting room and for how long (Continuing Education Tracking tie in) and act as a Lead Retrieval device

Seating Application

Our seating application allows attendees to select a specific seat at a banquet, general session and concert – but you can control which seats a specific individual may see and select. For example, a speaker is registering for the conference and selects the opening session. As a VIP he is shown available seats in the first 20 rows. As an attendee he may only see seats behind row 20 or general seating. The seat assignment is noted on the confirmation notice and printed on session tickets.

Continuing Education Platform

The ticket to earning continuing education credits (CEU) is to evaluate a session through a survey process. Issuing a survey can help as you plan for future events, but we can also manage a CEU program that does not include a survey. Not only is the process to earn credits is simple for an attendee, but also the platform helps award them to attendees accurately and dependably. For example, this system prevents an attendee from being in two places at once, requires them to scan into sessions, and only gives credit and generates certificates once the attendee completes evaluations. We even built in an administrative CEU lookup and reporting feature.

Voting Platform

Take control of elections at your event. With our candidate voting platform, an unbiased, third-party manages and counts the election process for your new officers. We can even design it so that only valid members can cast a vote.

Agenda Builder

Our Agenda Builder allows a delegate the ability to “custom create” his or her event experience. As the delegate navigates through the registration process and selects sessions and/or workshops, the agenda builder creates a master agenda that the delegate can print or export to his or her PDA.

Course Handout Application

The Speaker Management Console (SMC) an online source for speakers to upload session handout materials, download a roster of session attendees and share biographical information with attendees. It’s an attendee’s one-stop-shop for complete session information, so he or she is fully prepared to learn at your event.


Our bookstore software, which includes mobile hand-held point-of-sale devices, integrates registration with bookstore sales.

Technologies for Both Housing and Registration

Web Services

We continue to be a leader in web services by integrating your membership systems with the housing and registration process. We have taken this a step further by also integrating clients’ processes with third-party vendors (e.g., a2z, WayFinder, Digital Show Guide, ExpoCad, etc.).

Live Chat

Your attendees can now communicate via Live Chat with our Call Center agents who know the ins and outs of your event. Our agents’ easy accessibility has contributed to increased attendee satisfaction with the reservation and registration booking process and maximized hotel bookings.

Housing and Registration Apps

Mobile Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Application: Our new Mobile CEU App allows attendees to log on to the CEU evaluation and collection site from their mobile phones while on the go. From there, they can apply for the appropriate credit following the same business rules and general outline of the CEU web application itself. Attendees are also able to evaluate sessions they attended.

Mobile Housing Application: Our mobile housing application can now fit the mobile screen size. This mobile web application can run on any mobile browser supported device, like iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows mobile phones.

Digital Show Guide: Keep your event information right in your attendees’ pockets. With the Digital Show Guide, you can now deliver real-time messages, interactive exhibit floor maps, event schedules and exhibitor information straight to your attendees’ iPhone, iPad Android or other tablets and smartphones to help them easily plan and navigate through your event.